Heating Up Already…& Some Rain

The autumlike humidity of yesterday hung around into today, and thankfully so because it got hot!  Outdoors now (as of 5:55pm), many locations are in the upper 80s.


At least it’s not as hot as last week, when we had 90s each and every day!

This afternoon’s heat is a dramatic change from the comfy morning we enjoyed.  Take a look at how cool it got across the area.  The Upper Plateau was as close to the 40s as you can get!


The refreshingly cool morning was brought about by a clear sky, but also very dry air that moved in yesterday.  This afternoon, the dry air’s holding on….as dew points remain in the 50s:


Expect a change in the humidity tomorrow, however, as our wind swings around to the southeast.  With that, enough moisture will roll northward into the Mid State to allow for a couple showers and storms to develop during the afternoon.  The focus of any showers and storms will be southeast of Nashville.

Highs tomorrow afternoon will be in the same ballpark as where they were today…which is about 5 degrees above average for this time of year.  The cooler conditions you see over eastern Middle Tennessee on the map below are just due to the fact that some communities may get rain-cooled for a bit.


Now to the tropics.  This weekend marked the climatological peak in the Atlantic hurricane season.  Then, just this morning, the 9th name storm of the season formed — Tropical Storm Ian.  It’s between Bermuda and Africa and will remain between the two as it slides northward, posing no threat to land masses through its life.


Don’t forget, while we’re only on TV on Channel 4 for a handful of hours each day, we’re constantly updating our weather forecasts, writing stories, and making them available to you via http://www.wsmv.com and our free apps.  If you don’t have these apps already, please consider downloading them today, for your smart phone or table computer.  They’ll keep you in the know, when convenient for you!


Coming up on Channel 4 News, at 6pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm, we’ll talk about when another break from the heat will arrive.  We’ll also discuss the likelihood of rain this coming weekend.


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