Nice Night!….Then Heat Returns

What a fantastic way to round out the weekend!  Today was not only bright.  It was seasonable for temperatures, had low humidity, and no rain — a Perfect 10 in the minds of so many of you, I’m sure!

Temperatures as of 5pm are still close to the highs for the day.  Nashville International Airport peaked at 83.


Humidity has been running high, but notice how dew points have fallen back into the 50s for most of us today.  That means the air has dried out nicely.


If you have a few moments after dinner, consider going for a walk, sitting on the porch, or just opening up the windows for fresh air.  Look at this forecast for tonight!


The sky is mostly clear now…and that won’t change through the overnight.


SO….with dry air in place and a clear sky, it’ll be almost chilly early tomorrow.  This is what I expect for morning lows (around 6:00am, Monday):


Tomorrow appears dry, but by Tuesday, some of the moisture associated with the cloud/rain system to our south will lift north into southern Middle Tennessee.  SO….by then, I expect a 20% rain chance for areas mainly southeast of Nashville.


Through the rest of the week, the likelihood for rain will remain low.  On Wednesday, a weak cold front will settle into Middle Tennessee.  That will set the stage for a 20% rain chance, areawide.  Rain chances look similar on Thursday and Friday.  Then, a stronger system will move through next weekend.  With that, expect showers and storms to be more likely, especially late Saturday on into Sunday.

Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News after the New England Patriots/Arizona Cardinals game, we’ll talk more about that rain system for next weekend…and what will move in behind it.  We hope you join us!


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