Stormy Saturday….Then a Super Sunday!

Storms were rough for a time this afternoon.  Damage reports continue to funnel in.  All of it was due to wind — trees and power poles blown down.  Most of it occurred in the greater Nashville area, as well.  Have a look, below.  Where you see the “W”s indicates where wind damage was reported.  Also note where the rain is now….as of 7:15pm…


If you’d like to read the latest storm reports list, check out this link:

For the remainder of this evening, there will be a few strong storms on the leading/eastern edge of the rain, with wind gusts between 35 and 45 mph.  Very heavy downpours and cloud-to-ground lightning are also likely in some areas.  All the wet weather is pushing toward the east at about 30 mph.

Notice how much rain fell via the Doppler radar rainfall estimates map, below.  We needed this rain so badly!!  It’s been 14 days since any has fallen at the Nashville Airport!  Where you see green shading, at least a half inch of rain fell.  Some of the areas that received the most include Joelton, Ashland City, Clarksville, and Camden.  In those cities, about an inch fell.


Once the rain moves out….and it has already for 2/3 of the Mid State, the big story will be the refreshing temperatures & humidity that take over.  It’s so pleasant outdoors in Nashville now!  Much of our area is in the same boat, with temperatures in the 70s!


Clouds are doing all they can to clear Middle Tennessee, too.  They will, easily, by dawn tomorrow.


SO…we’ll wake up to sunshine with a few spots of fog…and very pleasant temperatures.  See below to find out just how cool early Sunday morning will be, behind the cold front that helped trigger today’s showers and thunderstorms.


Through the day tomorrow, drier air will continue to filter in.  The humidity will drop enough to make for a fall-like feeling Titans home opener!  The weather for the game, or whatever you’d like to do outdoors, looks perfect!


Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm, I’ll go into how next week looks.  We expect some cool starts, some afternoon heat, another cold front, and more rain (in time).  I’ll detail the timing of each, to help you prepare for next week!  We hope you join us!



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