Changes Coming….In Time

What a hot week it’s been!….and it’s not supposed to be this way….at least day in and day out!  Sure, September can be hot.  However, we’ll likely close out today with a high right around 95 degrees in Nashville.  That’s ten whole degrees above the average!  SO…with an average of 85, you know that while some September 7ths through the years have been toasty, many have been very refreshing and fall-like.  After a day like today, “refreshing” and “fall-like” just seem so far away!

Outdoors now, this is the way things stand:


It’s rather humid too, so as you’d expect it feels even warmer than the actual air temperatures I just shared.  Here’s the 3pm heat index:


With all this heat and a general lack of rain for quite some time, lawns around town are beginning to look like this:


This photo (above) was taken moments ago in Putnam County, where you see just a few fair weather clouds, but nothing looking promising to produce rain.  I took a short drive around 1pm today, just for a break, and noticed how shriveled and stressed a lot of the trees’ leaves look….especially those planted in just the last few years.  SO…if you have any recently planted trees or shrubs in your yard, know they’d appreciate a watering can or two of water.

The unimpressive clouds shown above will collapse well before sunset tonight, making for a pretty viewing of Saturn, Mars, and the star, Antares, all just left of the moon.  Look up after dark, and let the moon guide you to these other bright objects in the sky.


In time, the clouds will deepen and finally drop some rain.  We’ll share much more on that shortly, on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm.


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