Searing Heat Continues…

The Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, but you’d never guess it if you stepped outdoors.  I was outside for just five minutes around lunchtime today, and thought…”This feels more like July than September!”  Take a look at temperatures as of 3pm.


At least the humidity isn’t out of control.  So often this summer, we’ve had dew points in the 70s.  That’s oppressively muggy!  Today and for the last couple of days, dew points have been in the 60s, which indicates the air is still sticky….just not quite as soupy as July and August were.

Despite the heat and humidity, 4WARN Live Doppler Radar continues to be precipitation-free.  There are just a few fair weather clouds here and there…


Our rain chance today was just 10%.  Tomorrow, it’s no different.

However, down the road, we do see a change…in both temperature and humidity.  Take a look at the weather map for this Saturday, from one of the computer models I lean on when forecasting.


It shows a better chance of rain as the weekend kicks off.  The green shading on that map depicts accumulated precipitation in a 6-hour period ending early Saturday morning.  SO….my take away from this is that showers and some thunderstorms will develop along a cold front as it slides through Middle Tennessee on Saturday, and spread eastward throughout the day.

What’s the timing of that wet weather?  How likely is rain in any one area?  We’ll be wrestling with those elements over the next few days.  However, coming up today on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm, we’ll give you our best estimate on those things at this stage in the game.  We’ll also talk about the refreshing change expected to move in behind the rain.




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