Fabulous Outdoors Weather & A BIG Change Coming!

Good looking weather will continue to prevail on this Labor Day weekend.  It’s pleasant and bright outdoors now….


There are a couple showers, but not very many.  4WARN Live Doppler shows them focused well northeast of Nashville, over southern Kentucky.  Movement is negligible, so they’ll likely rain themselves out where they are shortly.


Temperatures as of 9am are a touch warmer than this time yesterday.


It’s also slightly more muggy this morning.  I expect you’ll feel that outdoors today.  You’ll also feel more heat, as temperatures should peak a couple notches higher than yesterday afternoon, when we got to 87 degrees in Nashville.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

The likelihood for rain throughout today is just 10%.  Tomorrow, it’s just the same.


Looking down the road through the rest of this forecast period, expect much more heat by mid week.  Some spots will even peak in the middle 90s on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The chance for rain will increase by week’s end, too….but just for isolated showers and thunderstorms.


NOW….in the long range — we’re talking early next week — a stronger cold front will slide through Middle Tennessee.  I fully expect that to mark a shift in our weather, from consistently hot weeks to more fall-like weather on a regular basis.  SO….chances are very good that this week we’re beginning today will be the last intensely hot full week for 2016!

Coming up later today on Channel 4 News at 5pm, Daphne Deloren will update you on any showers that have popped up over Middle Tennessee.


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