So long August…Hello Fall?

Today it ends…yes summer ends…well at least the meteorological summer ends.  August ended on a hot note, for the second day temperatures soared to 95.  Now cooler air is temporarily on the way.  A cold front will pass by tomorrow, opening the gate for cooler and less humid air to move in.  Highs Thursday and Friday will be in the mid 80s.


A few showers and thundershowers are possible tomorrow as it passes by.  Not everyone will see rain and nothing severe is expected. The winds will pick up too tomorrow, north 10-15 mph. Here’s the latest Futurecast timing.

WSMV RPM 4KM WxType StationaryWSMV RPM 4KM WxType Stationary2WSMV RPM 4KM WxType Stationary3WSMV RPM 4KM WxType Stationary4

The weather the next couple of days will be quite an improvement for outdoor fun, especially football. Vanderbilt and Tennessee are both playing Thursday night. Friday will also be nice but again it will be breezy.


Even though August is over and some cooler air is moving in that doesn’t mean we are done with hot weather.  Before the holiday weekend is over the heat will return again to near 90 degrees.


A side note to this end to the meteorological summer…when compared to other summers on record, it was hotter than average.  The hottest summer was in 1952 and the coolest was in 1976.

LS Blog end of summer

It’s typical for there to be hot spots and cold spots across the U.S. each season. But this year’s preliminary findings indicate nearly all of the country was hotter than average this summer. Only 3 of the 135 markets that Climate Central analyzed had an average summer temperature below its median value, and 77 of the markets had a summer among the hottest 10% of years in their period of record.

The full  national analysis from NOAA of the month of August will be released on September 8. Their most recent monthly report indicated that the June-July period was the 5th hottest on record in the U.S.

Climate Central put together this graphic to show if the warming trend continues the weather in Nashville will be more like the weather in Mission, TX by 2100. That’s hot.

LS ShiftingCities_nashville

On a brighter note, we have several days of cooler air ahead.  Enjoy.

I’ll have an update on Channel 4 News at 10pm.

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3 Responses to So long August…Hello Fall?

  1. Tom Nichol says:

    September by Helen Hunt Jackson

    The golden rod is yellow
    The corn is turning brown;
    The trees in apple orchard
    With fruit are bending down.

    The genitan’s bluest fringe
    Are curling in the sun;
    In dusty roads pods of milkweed
    Its hidden silk has spun.

    The sedges flaunt their harvest
    In every meadow nook;
    And asters by the brookside
    ‘Make asters in the brook.

    From dewy lanes at morning
    The grapes sweet oders rise;
    At noon the roads all flutter
    With Yellow butterflies

    By all these lovely tokens
    September days are here,
    With summer’s best of weather,
    And autumn’s best of cheer.

  2. Lisa Spencer says:

    Very nice.

  3. Fred says:

    Looks like we’ve had one of the muggiest Augusts on record. The fine folks at crunched the numbers and rounded out the monthly avg, dew pt. to 71. It is obviously unusual for the month of August to have such a high dew point value. I’m aware of only two other Augusts to break the 70 mark: from 2001 ( 70.1 F), which was just average temperature-wise, and the downright obscene August of 1995 (second-hottest eighth month on record with the avg. dew pt. of 73 F, no that’s not a misprint). Oddly, it seems that fact flew under the radar, no one found it abnormal? Anyhow, the break from the sweltering heat is appreciated.

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