Big Weather Changes Late This Week!

We have big changes ahead in our weather late this week.  The humidity will be much lower and temperatures will make it feel more like fall.

This evening though, it’s warm and very humid outdoors.  As of 9pm, temperatures are still running in the lower 80s in many communities.


Rain is done for tonight and little is expected tomorrow.  In fact, tomorrow I expect even less rain than today.  Here’s FUTURECAST’s handling of things.  I agree with what it shows…

Tomorrow afternoon will be the hottest day of the next week or more.  Quite possibly, it’ll be the hottest day for the rest of the year.  We’ll see.  Notice we expect Nashville to climb all the way to 94 degrees…

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Wednesday also appears as if it’ll be quite hot.  It’ll probably get to within a degree or two of Tuesday’s highs.  Then, Wednesday night, showers and thunderstorms should move in as our next cold front approaches.  That’ll mark our best rain chance for the next seven days.  The most likely area to get rain that night will be northern Middle Tennessee.  Some showers will likely linger into  Thursday, too.

Behind the front on Thursday, high pressure from Canada take over.  You’ll feel the difference by Thursday afternoon as cooler air pushes in and a northerly wind dries the air out.


That northerly wind will be accentuated by a tropical system crossing the Florida peninsula on Thursday.  Tonight, that same system is a tropical depression off the west coast of Cuba, beginning to get organized.  It’s quite likely this depression will be upgraded to tropical storm status later tonight or early on Tuesday.


Tonight, on Channel 4 News at 10pm, I’ll share the latest track for that system.  We’ll also go into just how cool it’ll get with these expected changes in your area.


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