Round of Strong Storms Before Quiet Returns

Powerful storms roared through Middle Tennessee again today. Though none reached severe criteria in Middle Tennessee, the National Weather Service issued numerous Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for our surrounding counties.

Damaging winds in excess of 40 mph, booming thunder and even dime size hail were associated with some of the strongest storms in northeastern Middle Tennessee — where multiple Significant Weather Advisories were issued. Those expired at 7:00 PM but it’s still coming down in the same spot. Here’s a radar update (7:53 PM):


Light, moderate and even a few heavy pockets continue sweeping through Burkesville, extending southward into Crossville.

So what exactly is a significant Weather Advisory? And how does it differ from a Severe Thunderstorm Warning?

To put it simple, it’s a strong thunderstorm. In order for a storm to be considered severe, it must meet very specific criteria, creating at least one of the following:

  1. Hail that is at least one inch in diameter and
  2. Winds at or above 58 mph

hailwind damage

If a storm has not reached severe criteria, it does not mean it should be taken lightly. A Significant Weather Advisory means the weather situation is still significant, just not life-threatening. Hope that helps you understand a little better.

The week ahead will be very summer-like! Expect no relief from the heat (to start off) and the chance for a few spotty storm, mainly during the afternoon. With only a 20% chance, many areas will dodge the rain. Let’s check in with Futurecast…


Morning commute is looking A-ok.

Image result for a ok


By the afternoon, rain chances are not high…at all. Just a few isolated storms will be your best bet.


Any outdoor diner plans are looking lika a two thumbs up. Spotty showers that do develop during the day are expected to fizzle out by around dinnertime.

There will be no relief from the heat to start off the week. Highs will maintain unseasonably hot status, in the lower 90s…

WSMV SKY1 Afternoon

Here’s how it will actually feel…

DD iCast Heat Index

Upper 90s to even triple digits in localized spots. There is relief on the way but you need to hang tight. The light at the end of the temperature tunnel is in the 7-Day forecast…

7 Day PM

Seasonable upper 80s alongside a drier air mass…by Thursday! Not far away at all. I’ll have the full timeline of the week ahead coming up on channel 4 at 10 PM.

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