4 Things to Know About Our Weather

There are 4 things to know about our upcoming weather!  They are…

1) Intense heat and humidity will dominate the headlines this afternoon.  The temperature will easily soar into the low-mid 90s, just like yesterday when we hit 96!


Take a look at expected temperatures as of 4pm today…

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature.png

Some spots may appear surprisingly cool (like on the Cumberland Plateau).  The reason is there, the computer model I’m showing you paints some rain at that time…which brings us to our next point.

2) Widely scattered showers & thunderstorms are likely this afternoon and this evening.  Thunderstorms should hold off developing until between midday and 1pm.  They’ll carry on until about 9pm this evening.  The most likely area to receive rain today will be the Cumberland Plateau, westward to the I-65 corridor.  SO, western Middle Tennessee has a lower rain chance, although rain is not impossible there.  FUTURECAST seems to be handling this weather pattern very well.  Here’s a look.

3) The southeastern United States could have a landfalling tropical system later this week!  We’re still watching Invest 99L, passing through the Florida Straits.  As it continues to slide westward, it’ll enter an environment with less wind shear that’s more conducive for tropical development.  Intensification into a tropical depression could happen as early as tomorrow.


The computer models are all over the place with this system, so it’s still very unclear where it’ll ultimately track.  However, as it appears now, it’s more likely than not that it makes a recurve toward the northeast, after heading westward for the next few days.


Wherever it moves, chances are slim that it’ll produce meaningful rain for us here in Middle Tennessee.

4) Late this week, count on a slight break from the stifling heat & humidity!  A cold front will move through the Mid State on Wednesday and in its wake, we’ll shave 5-8 degrees off of both our high and low temperatures!  That front will make for a few more showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday.  Then, Thursday (for most of us) and Friday appear dry!


Be sure to tune in to Channel 4 News at 5pm this afternoon for an update on all of this from Daphne Deloren.


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One Response to 4 Things to Know About Our Weather

  1. chrish1 says:

    What’s up, Daphne. It’s interesting that these storms lately have been moving in a Westerly, or generally-Westerly direction lately. Maybe you could touch on the topic of what steers storms when there isn’t a clearly-defined front along which they usually form. This time of year, sometimes storms just kind of meander around, or drift this way or that, or sit in one place for hours and dump rain on a small area. Anyway, the comments section here is always kind of dull because I think most people comment on social media, but weather guys like me always appreciate the blog posts and extra effort that goes into them by the whole team there. After all, I used to call The Weather Channel back when I was a kid and they’d put the on-air meteorologists on the phone for me just because I asked. This is back when TWC was cool, though. Have a good one!

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