Complete Peace After The Storm

Wow, what a day! Numerous severe thunderstorms roared through Middle Tennessee during the early evening. A little flashback…


60 mph winds were the reason for many reports of downed trees. Torrential downpours combined with very slow movement of the storms led to 2″ of rain falling in the matter of minutes. The National Weather Service issued Flash Flood Warnings at the time but now the coast is clear. Phew.

Loyal channel viewer Geaorge snapped this cloud show in Bellevue just before the storm hit…


Ready for some better news? All storms have danced out of here. Radar is clear as a whistle…


In other words, two thumbs up for Saturday night plans out in the town!

Storms did a great service for temperature relief earlier and they’re still looking pretty good. Mid-70s? Low 80s? Check in with your hometown right here –>

WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot

Dew points are muggy but not THAT bad compared to the upper 70s we’ve been used to. Still muggy, though…


Crossville looks to be the winner, in the upper 60s. 🙂

Sunday brings scattered showers and storms, mainly during the afternoon. Let’s check in with Futurecast…


Morning cup of coffee on the patio or church is in the clear. A few spotty storms jog into town during the early afternoon.



By dinner time, left over scattered storms situate themselves mainly east of I-65.

There will be no relief from the heat. Expect another round of lower 90s to feel more like the upper 90s. Perfect day for a refreshing dip in the pool.


If you have not already, be sure to download our FREE WSMV WX app.


That way, you can track storms on the radar before you put you jump in the pool.

Image result for cannonball into pool

Turning our attention to the future — a very summer-like pattern takes hold of our 7-day forecast. Here’s a screen shot of what I’ll be going more in depth with on channel 4 at 10 PM.

7 Day PM

Be sure to join Dan Thomas bright and early at 5am for any updates.

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One Response to Complete Peace After The Storm

  1. chrish1 says:

    What’s up, Daphne. It’s interesting that these storms lately have been moving in a Westerly, or generally-Westerly direction lately. Maybe you could touch on the topic of what steers storms when there isn’t a clearly-defined front along which they usually form. This time of year, sometimes storms just kind of meander around, or drift this way or that, or sit in one place for hours and dump rain on a small area. Anyway, the comments section here is always kind of dull because I think most people comment on social media, but weather guys like me always appreciate the blog posts and extra effort that goes into them by the whole team there. After all, I used to call The Weather Channel back when I was a kid and they’d put the on-air meteorologists on the phone for me just because I asked. This is back when TWC was cool, though. Have a good one!

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