Now You Feel It….Now You Don’t!

Well….hopefully you’ve taken some time to spend at least a few minutes outdoors, enjoying the recent break from typical summertime weather.  If you haven’t, I’m afraid to say your time’s about up!

Already as of 3pm this afternoon, a warm front is sliding eastward through Middle Tennessee.  Behind (on the west side of) that front, it’s much more muggy and hotter, too!  Have a look:


Dew points in the mid 70s?  Yuck!  That means the air is tremendously humid…& its moving back into our area.

We’re also tracking some rain this afternoon, in association with that front.  Notice the heavy downpours moving through Decatur County (near Parsons, along the TN River) as of 3:15pm…


Rain also extends farther north.  It’s all pushing eastward…


SO….that front will continue to head eastward this afternoon and evening, taking with it its veil of showers and storms.  As they reach I-65 early this evening though, they should weaken and shrink in coverage.  FUTURECAST shows that below.


Here’s another component to the forecast we’re working on.  There’s a tropical wave in the Atlantic, getting close to the Caribbean Sea.  See its projected path over the next several days?


That could make for a very interesting weekend for the Bahamas and potentially even south Florida!

We’ll talk about all of those things above….& more, today on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm!  We hope you tune in!


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