August 22: Nice Weather, Daily Links


I’m finally able to say the three little words you’ve been waiting to hear…no, not those three little words.  These: IT’S NICE OUTSIDE!

Our long-awaited break from the heat and humidity has arrived, and it’s going to stick around through tomorrow.  Temperatures today will only reach the low to mid 80s:
More importantly, dew points will be below 60 degrees today, which is right where we want to be on the “muggy meter”:

Temperatures tonight will be comfortable again — open up the windows and enjoy!

We’ll be a little warmer tomorrow, but temperatures will be pretty close to what’s typical for this time of year…and the humidity will still be low:

Summertime isn’t done with us yet, not by a long shot.
The humidity will increase Tuesday night, and we’ll be back in the hot-and-muggy weather pattern Wednesday through the weekend:
Just that isolated storm chance, mostly in the afternoons.  One of the long-range forecast models is hinting at a higher storm chance Friday through Sunday, but I’m not buying into that just yet — we’ll keep you posted as the week unfolds.  In the meantime, get and outside and take advantage of the nice weather today and tomorrow!



Lots of weather-related stuff today, plus assorted other nerdiness…

  • Louisiana continues to recover from exceptional flooding — the storms there dropped three times as much rain as Hurricane Katrina.  (Of course, the storm surge with Katrina produced the worst of the damage.)
  • It’s too soon for precise damage numbers in Louisiana, but those numbers will likely register in the billions of dollars.
  • It’s looking more and more like extreme flooding is the “new normal.”
  • We have the Fujita scale for tornadoes, the Saffir-Simpson scale for hurricanes…is it time for a similar scale to categorize flooding?
  • Scientists are testing a system designed to predict lightning strike frequency up to three months in advance.
  • Most people have noticed it, but very few people realize that the “smell of rain” has a name — petrichor.
  • Beautiful blue lakes are showing up in eastern Antarctica…but that’s not a good thing.
  • It’s an election year, so sooner or later some candidate will ask: why do we spend money on NASA when we have problems here on the ground?  The short answer is — exploring our boundaries and expanding our knowledge helps solve some of those problems.  This article goes into more detail.
  • Astronomers have captured images of a “classical nova” — where a white dwarf star siphons off gas from a nearby larger star…until it explodes.
  • This one contains some heavy mental lifting, but it’s interesting: is everything in the Universe the same age?
  • It’s now possible to do a genetic test to identify young athletes who are most at risk for concussions…but the athletes themselves aren’t wild about it.
  • The Olympics are over, but there’s still some Olympic-related science to share, for instance: the secrets of synchronized swimming.
  • What would be possible if performance-enhancing drugs were LEGAL?
  • Science: where finding nothing is the best thing you can hope for.
  • More and more people are using their vacation days to just get a decent night of sleep.
  • Behind the scenes of television and movie magic — how green screens actually work.
  • Scientists tend to ignore conspiracy theories, because most of them don’t even hold up to the application of common sense.  But every once in a while, people who know what they’re talking about wade into the internet crazy-zone, and thoroughly debunk the nonsense.  Here are five such examples.

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