Goodbye Rain….Hello Taste of Autumn!

Rain continues to slide through this morning, in association with a relatively sharp cold front.  That front will make for gorgeous weather tomorrow!  Right now (as of 8:30am), the front is passing through Rutherford, Wilson, and Jackson counties, moving toward the southeast.  See the heaviest pockets of rain (below)?  That’s where the front is.


SO…rain will continue to move southeastward with that cold front today.  Behind it, clouds will clear, although that process will take its sweet time.

Take a look at the latest position of the back edge of the clouds.


It’s still back around Paris and Dover.  Hopkinsville is also seeing sunshine!  Clarksville should see some sun by 9am.  Bowling Green’s and Camden’s sunshine will come shortly after that.  Dickson and Springfield should have a brighter sky by 11am.  In Nashville, Gallatin, and Centerville, that’ll hold off until around midday.  Murfreesboro, Columbia, and Cookeville likely won’t see much sunshine until early this afternoon.  It’ll happen even later down toward Manchester and McMinnville.

Temperatures early this morning are still in the 70s.  Dew points are around the same (near 70).  This afternoon, the air will try to dry out some.  People in areas northwest of Nashville especially will feel some of that drier air settling in by dinnertime tonight.  The rest of us will likely have to wait until tomorrow.


Highs this afternoon will be in the upper 70s and lowermost 80s.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Look at how temperatures dip early tomorrow.  50s for the first time in a while for many of us!!

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2

With the cool start will come spots of dense fog…so factor in some extra drive time early tomorrow.  Then, once that burns off, sunshine will rule the rest of the day, with much lower humidity.  It’ll finally feel like FOOTBALL WEATHER!


With that cool start tomorrow morning, you’ll want to make sure your kids have a light jacket ready to go for the wait at the bus stop.  Tuesday morning will be just as cool!


By week’s end though, heat and humidity will make a return to Middle Tennessee.  Coming up today on Channel 4 News at 5pm, Daphne Deloren will share more on that.


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One Response to Goodbye Rain….Hello Taste of Autumn!

  1. Patsy Martin says:

    So glad that this hot weather is almost Over! Hurry up fall and winter!

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