Glory Takes Over Middle Tennessee

After a stormy and muggy start to the weekend, Mother Nature brings delightful sunshine to finish things off. It’s a moment many have been waiting for and the moment is finally here. Radar is sparkling this evening…


and clouds continue decreasing…

VIDEO VIPIRJust to give you an idea, here’s how the sky looked this morning: VIDEO VIPIR

Definite improvement. The cold front responsible for earlier showers and storms has officially pushed through and that is the reason for the glory. You can actually depict the moisture associated with the front to the south and east of our state on satellite and radar imagery…


A much drier and refreshing air mass makes itself comfy for the days ahead. Dew point is the go-to for the amount of moisture in the atmosphere so let’s check it out together…


…looking (and feeling) much better than the oppressive middle 70s we had yesterday! High pressure builds in and drops these numbers even further. Here’s how dew points shape up by 3:30 PM tomorrow…


…and the crowd cheers! 🙂


No more foggy glasses when you step out the door.

So here’s the good news — high pressure continues dominating the region for the days ahead. Besides a slight chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms starting on Wednesday, expect a mainly dry seven day forecast. Temperatures gradually rebound back into the lower 90s by Wednesday, which is just a couple degree dial up from our seasonal average of 89.

7 Day PM

I’ll have the full breakdown on the workweek ahead coming up on channel 4 at 10 PM tonight. Be sure to join Paul Heggen bright and early for any updates tomorrow at 4 AM.If you haven’t already, be sure to download our FREE WSMV WX app.

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