Busy Weekend for Weather!

Middle Tennessee’s a busy place for weather (i.e. it’s no San Diego)!  This weekend will serve as a good example of that.  Let’s start with today…

Right now (as of 8:40am), there’s not a whole lot of action on 4WARN Live Doppler.  Notice we just have a few showers at the edges.  The one moving through western Clay County (west of Celina) is rather heavy.  The others are quite light.


However, in line with the saying “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it’ll change.”, there’s much more rain sliding into and through west Tennessee, on its way here…


As we wait on that, we’re just dealing with clouds.  Here are several camera views from our area.

From a top down perspective (see below), notice how expansive that shield of clouds is.  That means except for a few peeks of sunshine here and there, clouds will dominate until tomorrow afternoon, when they decrease from west to east.


Temperatures are typical (70s) and it’s still very muggy.  The GREAT news is that tomorrow the humidity will begin dropping and I guarantee you’ll notice the difference!


More on today though….  If you’re going to the Titans home preseason game, make sure you take your poncho.  Rain WILL be possible during the game.  I don’t expect a deluge…but do expect periodic showers.


The same goes for local county fairs.  The Maury and Cheatham County Fairs wrap up today.  Snowbird will actually be in Ashland City for the Cheatham County Fair between 5pm and 7pm.  Wilson County’s fair continues through this weekend and all of next week.


The best way to track the rain while you’re out and about is through using the WSMV and WSMV Weather apps.  They’re FREE and give you easy access to 4WARN Live Doppler Radar.  If you don’t have them already, please download them today so you’re not surprised by a shower moving through!

DT_WSI Digital Devices

Here’s FUTURECAST for today, which looks on track to me…

Tonight, showers will linger, so make sure you take an umbrella if you’re going out to dinner, a movie, or whatever, even if it’s not raining when you leave the house.

Tomorrow will be quite different for us. While we’ll start the day with a few showers, especially southeast of Nashville, the afternoon will be much drier and brighter!


The high humidity of the last couple months will move out by late tomorrow afternoon, setting the stage for a beautiful evening, a gorgeous Monday, and a great looking Tuesday.  For more details on the fall preview expected then, watch Daphne Deloren this evening at 5pm, on @WSMV News.

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