Unsettled Weekend Weather Before A Nice Treat

Heavy showers and thunderstorms was Mother Nature’s natural alarm clock across Middle Tennessee this morning. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were issued for Cannon, Coffee, Warren, Buren and White counties. The National Weather Service also issued Flood Advisories for areas that got hammered in a short period of time — including Giles, Marshall and Maury counties. Check out rainfall totals…


Just shy of 3″ northeast of McMinnville and 2.5″ around the Franklin area. This is all thanks to the same stationary front that has been responsible for the rain for the past several days, combined with a secondary upper level disturbance.

Things have simmered down from the morning, into more of a scattered thundershower event and mainly north of the I-40 corridor. Here’s a radar update (12:18 PM):


Let’s zoom into where the action is blossoming out…


Red colors over Castalian Springs indicate heavy downpours, heading northeast towards Green Grove and Lafayette.


Speaking of rain, August has been a very rainy month for some, especially north of the I-40 corridor. 2.66″ has fallen, which is 0.76″ above average. Other areas in Middle Tennessee are far from the above ‘above average’ category, rather still in much need of some rain. Check out the latest on our drought situation. Areas under the orange color are still under a severe drought.


This unsettled pattern continues through Sunday so I expect additional rain to only help! If you’re ready for a less humid and noticeably cooler pattern, you don’t have to wait much longer. After a cold front pushes through over the weekend, things start to clear up with guidance from a dip in the jet stream.


Rain-free, less sticky and below average temperatures in the lower 80s? We’ll take it!

7 Day PM

I’ll go more in depth with how long I expect this weather treat to last, coming up at 4PM AND 4:30PM today!



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