Showers and Storms Roll Through Middle Tennessee

Showers and thunderstorms are rolling through Middle Tennessee as I write here (7:24 PM Saturday) and it could have been better timing with the big game as the Titan’s take on the Chargers for opening night.

The game start a little less than a half hour ago. Check out the radar…


This was just moments after loyal channel 4 viewer, Matt sent me this peaceful snap from Nissan stadium…


Simply beautiful.

A rainy stretch is all thanks to a couple of weather makers…

VIDEO VIPIRThe first of the two is an approaching cold front, currently exiting southeastern Missouri and eastern Arkansas. It is on a southeasterly path, headed right for Tennessee. This will march its way in overnight which will continue to fuel scattered showers and storms across the region.

See the area of low pressure situated over Louisiana? That is system number two. It has brought extreme amounts of rain in a very short period of time to southern Louisiana, leading to a historic flooding disaster. Southerly winds from this system pumps Gulf moisture into Middle Tennessee, which will only support an increase in rain chances over the days ahead. Here’s the latest model run on rainfall totals over the course of the next three days…


I expect northwestern Middle Tennessee to get the bulk of the moisture, up to around an inch and a half. Areas south and east will see less as a whole, up to about half of an inch. Localized spots could see more, though.

Now is the perfect time to download our free WSMV WX app. You will get the latest alerts on weather you need to know about. This comes very handy when you’re on the go and not able to tune in live.

DT_WSI Digital Devices

Tomorrow won’t be the best day for the pool but I do not expect a washout. There will be plenty of dry hours so here’s a pool-cast for those dry moments. 🙂


Seasonably hot, very muggy and scattered thundershowers. Just be weather aware, you know the drill — if you hear thunder roar, go indoors.

Here’s a peak at what I’ll be timing out on channel 4 at 11 PM tonight.

7 Day PM

Meteorologist Paul Heggen will be with you bright and early tomorrow morning. Be sure to tune in!



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