4 Things to Know About Our Weekend Weather!

The weekend’s upon us, at last!  To make sure you’re prepared, there are 4 things you should be aware of.  They are…

1)  Rain’s Most Likely WEST

The chance for rain and storms this weekend will be highest over our western counties.  So, if you’re reading this from around the Tennessee River, make sure you’re ready for a little rain to slide through.  Folks who live near or on the Cumberland Plateau will have less rain, more sunshine, and therefore more heat!  Here’s a look at FUTURECAST for tomorrow…


2) A Shower Could Visit the Titans Game….but Who Cares, it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!

A few showers/storms will linger into early tomorrow evening.  However, just like the last several nights, the rain that’s out there should diminish rather quickly.


Take a look at FUTURECAST.  It shows the rain shutting down as the game draws to a close.


3) It’ll be hot, but not TOO hot!

We all know how hot this summer has been.  While we haven’t gotten to 100 in Nashville, it has in a few communities along the Tennessee River.  2016 has also had well over the average of 48 days in a calendar year in the 90s or better for highs.  This weekend, temperatures will still be “up there”, but the heat should be a bit more tolerable.  Here’s a look at highs tomorrow.  Notice several communities will peak in the upper 80s.  Sunday will be similar.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature


4) Keep yourself in the know….always…by downloading the FREE Channel 4 apps!

DT_WSI Digital Devices

If you’re away from your TV set and have the WSMV and WSMV WX apps (the latter stands for WSMV Weather), you’ll be able to watch our newscasts on your smartphone or tablet, track storms on 4WARN Live Doppler (with the live sweep or in time lapse mode), receive weather watches, warnings, and more!  Just ensure you turn on push notifications once they’re downloaded.

Fog shouldn’t be a big problem in the morning, but there could be a patch or two in the most protected valleys.  Coming up on Channel 4 News Today, Weekend Edition, we’ll let you know if there are any spots of concern near you.


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