Meteors, Wooly Worms, & Weekend Rain Chances

Even though it’s storm-free tonight, there’s still so much to cover and write about!

First and foremost, the Perseid Meteor Shower continues to ramp up and will peak after midnight!  Do you need a telescope?


How about binoculars?


Nope.  Neither!  You just need to get outdoors & look up!  It’s that simple!


Many of you are already having your own “watch party”.  Viewer, Amy, made me laugh when she tweeted this…

Twitter Roll - 3 Tweets

She has the right idea!  Get comfy, look up, be patient, and have fun!

If tonight doesn’t work for you, it’ll still be going on tomorrow, but it’ll be less spectacular.  The potential for spotting meteors goes down sharply with each passing night, after tonight.

Clouds are cooperating right now for this, too….so conditions couldn’t be better!  Notice we only have a few patches here and there!


Just a couple more quick notes, so I can go finish getting ready for our newscast after the Olympics….

  1. The weekend’s now looking a little better.  Rain will be most likely over our western and northwestern counties, but coverage should be less impressive than we’ve been talking about over the last couple of days.
  2. Also….I received my first wooly worm report tonight!  Mary Ann in Clarksville said she found one that’s all white!  Well Mary Ann….that means you should get ready for snow!!

We obviously don’t see snow coming anytime soon, but do see a slight cooldown.  I’ll tell you more about that and get more detailed on the weekend in just moments, on Channel 4 News, the late edition!


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One Response to Meteors, Wooly Worms, & Weekend Rain Chances

  1. Tammy says:

    I’ll have to check my persimmon seeds. They’re never wrong.

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