Unsettled Week Ahead!

I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics tonight on NBC!


I’m just finishing putting together my forecast for the news after the games…but wanted to share a bit of what I’m working on.

FIRST….the unsettled pattern we’ve had looks to continue for several days!  Check out who received rain today.  Areas shaded in green reflect spots that picked up at least a 1/2 inch.  Bellevue, Old Hickory, and Hermitage got it good!


Rainfall-wise, it’s truly seemed more like spring than summer!  Does your lawn look like this, below?  Does it seem like you’re out there all the time with the mower?  I took this photo outside out studios tonight.  It’s already getting long in places and was cut just before the weekend!


Well….there’s plenty more rain where that came from.  Notice the system I encircled down along the Gulf Coast.


It’s slowly chugging westward and continues to funnel moisture our way.  It produced the rain in our area today and will be responsible for more through the rest of the week, as it chugs westward.

The rain we’ve been receiving has kept the air soupy, increasing the likelihood for fog overnight.  Take a look at how high relative humidities are now.  When they reach 100%, you get fog to form.


We’re already seeing our first signs of fog developing, over southeastern Middle Tennessee, where you see the blobs of yellow.  I expect much more by dawn, too.


Tomorrow, more showers and storms will fire up during the hottest part of the day (between 12n & 4pm)….and carry into the early evening, like we had today.  Here’s the latest FUTURECAST on that…

Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News after the Olympics, we’ll get detailed on the likelihood for rain into the weekend…and when we’ll get a break from temperatures in the 90s!


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