Second Half of the Weekend is the BETTER Half!

I hope this Sunday has gotten off to a good start for you!  It’s foggy as can be in some areas….like Pulaski & Bell Buckle:

4WARN Live Doppler Radar, in fog mode, shows where fog is most widespread (eastern & southern Middle Tennessee).  Yellow indicates visibility around 1mile, orange = 1/2mile, and red represents 1/4mile.


SO…please factor in a few extra minutes if you’re about to drive somewhere.  This fog should lift by 9am.

It’s much brighter in Clarksville!


…..& across most of Nashville.  Check out this beauty, looking east, from our studio’s rooftop at WSMV-TV.


The fog we’re dealing with this morning is in response to the widespread heavy rain we picked up yesterday.  Take a look at Doppler radar rainfall estimates.  The yellow shows where at least 2″ of rain fell.  Green covers areas where 1/2″ or more fell.


The recent heavy rain many areas received is allowing the grass to continue to flourish!  Watch how the pollen count jumps tomorrow, mainly because of grass pollen.

This afternoon, there will be a few showers and storms…but far less than yesterday.  They’re more likely the farther southeast you are of Nashville.  So Nashville has about a 10% chance.  Murfreesboro has about a 20% chance.  In Manchester, the rain chance is 30-40%.  Over Fayetteville & Winchester, it’s more like 50%.

Highs this afternoon should be in the mid-upper 80s in general, behind a cold front that moved through yesterday. SO…it’ll be hot, but not oppressively so!

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Weather looks excellent for the Williamson County Fair, too!  Hours today are from 12n – 10pm, although the midway remains open until 11pm.


If you’re hosting an outdoor birthday party or cookout and plan to use paper plates, wind shouldn’t be a major issue.  We expect winds to be light all day (5-10mph) from the north.

That northerly wind will change our weather in a big way late tomorrow.  It should drop the humidity enough so most of you will feel the difference!

Right now, our dew points (what we use to track the air’s mugginess) are in the low-mid 70s.


Tomorrow, they should be in the 60s….lower 60s for our northern communities!  That’s NICE for August standards.  SO…if you can plan to be outdoors for a little while tomorrow evening, you’ll be glad you did!

Coming up today on Channel 4 News at 5pm after the Olympics, Daphne Deloren will have a closer look at when more typical summertime chances for rain will return to our area.



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