Torrential Rain and Storms March Through Middle Tennessee

What a mess. Heavy downpours, gusty winds and frequent lightning have been the trend across Middle Tennessee this evening. Thunder was loud enough during our 5 PM newscast for viewers to pick up rumbles from my mic. There are have been no watches and warnings issued but damaging wind up to 40 mph has been associated with some of the stronger storms. It is the perfect night for popcorn and watching Olympics, comfy on the couch!

Here’s a radar update (7:38 PM Saturday)…


As a whole, many storms have winded down. The red colors indicate areas that are still getting hit with heavier pockets of rain whereas the yellow indicate the moderate shower activity. The bulk of the moisture is east of the I-24 corridor, headed for eastern Middle Tennessee.

Torrential downpours within slow moving thunderstorms pave way for numerous Flood Advisories across the area. Up to two inches of rain has fallen in less than one hour for some. That is too much.

Flood Advisory locations and validation times:

  1. Cheatham and Dickson through 8:15 PM
  2. Cannon and Coffee counties through 8:30 PM.
  3. Clay and Overton counties  through 9:00 PM.


Please do not drive through these areas! It is especially difficult to see water on the roads when the sun goes down.

You may be wondering…what sparked the mess?

DT SATRAD3D Zooms.png

A cold front is currently entering the state, just situated over northwestern Tennessee is where we can point to. Ample moisture ahead of the system combined with daytime heating, fueling enough instability for some of these stronger storms. The front itself will continue shifting southeastward through Middle Tennessee overnight into the morning.

Here is the light at the end of the tunnel — a much drier, less muggy and more refreshing air mass works its way in, just in time for Sunday. Not bad, right? It was not a complete weekend wash out by any means. Here’s how the day shapes up…


Though Sunday will be the drier of the two, Middle Tennessee will not be completely dry. Lingering moisture behind the passing cold front keeps the possibility of scattered showers and storms, but mainly for southeastern Middle Tennessee.

Here’s a sneak peak to the next four days ahead…


Dry and less humid conditions grace us through Monday before the weather pattern makes a U-turn with an approaching system on Tuesday and Wednesday. Increasing shower and thunderstorm chances will work their way in and you may have guessed it…so will the muggy factor! If you do not like that, enjoy the next couple of days. 🙂

I’ll have the latest update on these storms tonight on channel 4 at 11 pm.

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