Sticky and Hot With A Side of Storms

We had a very special guest join us on channel 4 this morning. Spider man was drinking his coffee over another incredible sunrise. I do not blame him.  Maybe he was looking for the batman building? 🙂


The commute to work and school has been peaceful for most of Middle Tennessee, but a few exceptions have been the trend over western Middle Tennessee. Areas alongside I-40 and west of the I-24 corridor have had a fair share of moderate to even heavy downpours at times. Loud thunder was associated for some of the heavier pockets of rain. It is 7:47 am as I write here. Check out your radar update… VIDEO RADAR

Showers are currently jogging through Clarksville south, extending west through Paris, Waverly and Linden. This moisture will continue on a southeasterly path through the morning. I expect scattered showers and thunderstorms through the day, tapering off just before dinner hour. Though severe weather is not expected with these storms, heavy downpours and lightning will not be out of question.

Let’s check in with our day planner…

daphne DAY PLANNER Full - AM

Nashville hit 93 degrees yesterday so we will not be quite as hot. Areas that receive more cloud cover and shower activity may not even hit the 90-degree mark so overall, it is safe to say a more bearable day (in the temperature department) is in store. Stick factor? Not so much!

LISA MUGGY METERAnother soupy day is on tap, with dew points ranging anywhere from the low to upper 70-degree mark. Factoring these numbers in, here’s how it will REALLY feel out there…

PAUL iCast Heat Index

Besides a few scattered showers and thunderstorms on Friday, the better chance for a wet forecast will arrive with an approaching front on Saturday. My weekend pick for outdoor plans will be for Sunday! So there you go…ding ding ding. 🙂

The 30% chance I’m forecasting on Sunday is mainly for southwestern Middle Tennessee.

WSMV 7 Day AM.png

Here’s a little sneak peak to what I’ll be timing out today on channel 4 at noon.

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