Wet Summer So Far…& Much More Rain to Come!

Thunderstorms that have been rumbling over our central & western counties since midday are already beginning to shut down.  4WARN Live Doppler Radar shows this….as of 5:45pm.


What that means is this evening will be quite pleasant for many of you, since rain has cooled off quite a few areas!  Notice temperatures now.  70s in August at 5pm?  We’ll take it!!


SO…if you have evening plans to be out & about, know the weather won’t interfere for the vast majority of you.

Tomorrow, it’ll be a different story, however.  Notice the system we’re tracking over the Missouri/Illinois border.  That’ll slide southeastward overnight and pass right over Middle Tennessee tomorrow.


What that means is you can count on showers and thunderstorms to be widespread.  In fact, some rain will even be around during the morning time.  It appears that by late afternoon, rain will most likely be focused over eastern Middle Tennessee & more sparse in coverage farther west.

On Friday, we’ll get a break from rain, but have heat in full force!  Look at these highs:

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Then, rain will reenter the picture for Saturday.  Saturday looks like it could actually be rather unsettled (and therefore not the best pool or lake day).

Coming up on Channel 4 News at 6pm and 6:30pm, we’ll share more detail on this weekend’s weather.  We’ll also give you the latest on strengthening Hurricane Earl….due to strike Mexico, Belize, & Guatemala tonight!



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