Big Storms Moving In….& More!

Severe thunderstorms are lining up west of Nashville as I type this (5:35pm, Monday).  The primary threats this evening are damaging wind gusts over 60mph & torrential downpours. Right now, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are in effect for Hickman, Henderson, & Carroll counties.


Storms should roll into the Nashville area around 6pm.  Tune to Channel 4 News at 6pm and 6:30pm for an update on their whereabouts and where they’re headed.

I do expect storms to gradually weaken as they push eastward this evening.  However, through the overnight, a few showers could remain…especially over eastern Middle Tennessee.  As you look at FUTURECAST panels below, know that they’re obviously a little off in terms of storm intensity, but are doing a nice job with storm placement.


Outside of these storms, heat & humidity continue to dominate.  Since today is August 1st, the data on July is in!  Take a look, below.

It was the 12th hottest July we’ve had in recorded history in Nashville (which takes us back to the late 1800s).   This was also the 6th consecutive month that has been above average for temperature.


Notice current temperatures and heat indices.  I expect even hotter weather later this week!


The tropics are “heating up” too!  Take a look at the tropical wave (below) that should be named Tropical Storm Earl later tonight.  The Hurricane Hunters are investigating the system now.  The data they send back to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) will be very useful as the NHC sends out its first advisory again, in all likelihood, later tonight!


See Jamaica?  It’s the island with the 18mph wind observation in Kingston.  Anyone vacationing there will have a wild night, as the storm rolls right over that country!


SO….there’s obviously a lot for us to keep you up to date on.  We hope you tune to Channel 4 News at 6pm and 6:30pm for the latest!




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