Monday Morning Commute Weather

A sunset filled with serenity to wrap up the weekend!


Pink cotton candy skies over top bright city lights. What a beautiful city we call home, Nashville. Speaking of beauty, check out the latest radar screen grab…VIDEO RADAR

Just one lonely storm to point out and it is just between Franklin and Gallatin. Everyone else? Clear as a whistle.

Nashville hit 91 degrees today which is perfectly normal for this time in late July. Current upper 70s to lower 80s will drop down into the lower 70-degree range, which is also right up the alley of seasonable.

WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot.png

Let’s talk rain chances! High pressure will be the dominant weather feature through the first half of the week, meaning mainly dry conditions will be in store. Now, we are not going to be completely dry and this is all thanks to a stalled out front over the Ohio River. This will keep the chance for afternoon spotty storms through Wednesday but not everyone will catch one and there will more dry hours in the day than wet. The best chance for showers and thunderstorms will arrive with our next approaching front on Thursday and Friday.

Let’s check in with Futurecast for our Monday morning commute…


Looking nice and dry. Early afternoon will be your best bet to catch a scattered storm and I expect areas north of the I-40 corridor and west of the I-24 corridor to hog most of the moisture.


By 4:00 PM most of the activity tapers off towards the south and the east.


So the best time to have the umbrella handy? During the afternoon to early evening.

Now let’s turn attention to temperatures. High pressure will bring in the heat! Lower to middle 90s will be the actual temperature each day in the week ahead. You’ve probably caught on by now. When we factor in high humidity values–>


These temperatures will feel more like the upper 90s to even triple digits. I cannot share these heat safety tips enough…

LS 2013 Heat Wave Pattern

Here’s a sneak peak to what I’ll be timing out on channel 4 at 10 pm tonight.

7 Day PM

Make it a great week, friends!

-Daphne DeLoren



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