Torrential Rain and Storms Hammer Middle Tennessee

A hefty free car wash for many this morning! Torrential downpours and thunderstorms marched through Middle Tennessee this morning and it is not over yet.

With so much rain over the course of a very short amount of time, numerous Flash Flood Warnings and Areal Flood Warnings were issued by the National Weather Service. Those have now expired (2:05 PM as I write in the weather center here) so my attention will now turn to the current Flood Advisory — in effect for Northern Smith, Clay, Trousdale, Macon and northern Jackson counties until 2 PM. One to three inches of rain have already fallen within the advisory…more to come!


Only a small portion of Middle Tennessee fits under the Flood Advisory but a better chunk of the pie still fits under a Flash Flood Watch through just after midnight.


This means showers and storms are still likely but I expect them to turn into more of a scattered event, rather then the widespread activity that hammered the area earlier. The frontal boundary responsible for all this mess is clearly depicted on the satellite/radar imagery below. Check it out…

DT SATRAD3D ZoomsCan you see the blanket of cloud cover? That is REALLY helping with more bearable  temperatures today. Clouds serve as a barrier between the surface of the earth and the sun. Temperatures are noticeably cooler and even running below our seasonal average of 89 degrees, according to late July standards. Ohhh yeah!

WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot

So maybe temperatures have improved but how about the stick factor? Let’s check in with dew points…


So where do low to upper 70s fit under our muggy scale? I’ll let you look. That way I don’t need to resort to ‘don’t kill the messenger.’ 🙂


Though today can be considered the rainiest of the days ahead, you may want to keep the umbrella handy. This unsettled weather pattern looks to keep us company, giving a decent (50/50) shot through the weekend. In fact, check out the latest model run on just how much through Tuesday…


Areas under the RED shade indicate a general 2.5 to 4 inches, with local amounts even higher. So my main concern? Localized flooding.

DT Smart Phone

This is the perfect time to download our app! It is just like having Lisa, Paul, Dan and me right there in your pocket with a heads up on what you need to know.

7 Day PM

I’ll be tracking storms and keeping you posted with the latest on channel 4 at 4 pm. You can also catch Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer at 5, 6 and 10 pm!

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