Umbrella’s Out!

Heavy downpours and storms marched through Middle Tennessee early this morning, mainly impacting areas along the Tennessee-Kentucky borderline. Flash Flood Warnings were issued for numerous counties including Clay, Monroe, Cumberland and Clinton. Those warnings have officially expired but the potential for flooding is not over, especially in the day ahead. See the swath of moisture over Louisiana and Arkansas?


That is the area of low pressure shifting into Middle Tennessee in the day ahead. In fact, a Flash Flood Watch is in effect for all areas under the green color from 1 AM Thursday through 1 AM on Friday. 


Thursday will surely be the wet day of the week. Check out the latest on just how much rain we could receive through Sunday…wowza! The latest model suggests western Middle Tennessee could see over four inches. That is a lot in a very short amount of time.


On the bright side, this will help with our drought situation. If only we could shift the bulk of rain towards southern Middle Tennessee, where areas still fit under the severe to extreme drought.


On another bright side, cloud cover and showers will noticeably better conditions in the temperature department. Highs will touch the low to middle 80s. Check out Futurecast for heat indices (considering the high humidity so…the hottest it feel)…

PAUL iCast Heat Index

Not bad at all and well deserved!

For the latest on these watches and advisories, now would be the perfect time to download our ‘WSMV WX’ app, now would be the perfect time.

DT Smart Phone

Do not put the umbrella away just yet because check out your 7-day forecast. A decent chance for rain every day…

7 Day PM

If you have trouble falling asleep tonight or maybe work a third shift, you may want to take a peak outside the window. The International Space Station will make an appearance around 3:40 AM on Thursday. It will be visible 44 degrees from the earth’s surface, appearing northwest and disappearing southeast. Clouds will cover much of the sky but you may be lucky with enough of a break to catch a peak!

Join Meteorologist Dan Thomas on channel 4 at 6 PM for the full breakdown on the timing of the storms.

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