Ragweed, a Tropical Storm, More Heat, & Heavy Rain

Even though we’re waking up to a peaceful, pleasant morning across Middle Tennessee, there’s a lot to track and write about in this morning’s 4WARN Weather Blog.

For starters, if you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer and ragweed bothers you, get ready for some tough days ahead!  Ragweed’s back!!  I noticed its return yesterday….and it’s here to stay for several weeks!  It’ll step upward through the rest of July and the first part of August.  Then, it’ll peak in late August or early September.  Finally, late in September it should begin tailing off again.

Here’s today’s pollen count.


Tomorrow’s will be similar — just a smidge higher.


Rain knocks pollen out of the air.  We had quite a few showers and storms yesterday.  However, today, I expect fewer storms.  Because of that, I’ve stamped this afternoon with just a 30% rain chance (compared with yesterday’s 40%).

Notice how by Tuesday, rain will become much more likely.  We’ll keep that unsettled theme right through the end of the week, as well!  In fact, most areas will receive 1-2″ of rain by next weekend.  Southern Middle Tennessee especially will benefit by that, as a drought continues there.


Right now, we’re dry.  Around lunchtime though, showers and storms will begin to pop up.  Notice how little FUTURECAST paints…

What this means is that the weather couldn’t be much better for spending the afternoon poolside or on the lake!

Sunshine’s dominating this morning.


SO….we’re warming more quickly this morning than this time yesterday when clouds dominated.  Temperatures as of 9am look like this:


While we topped off at 94 degrees yesterday, I expect 96 this afternoon in Nashville!

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

A smaller portion of the Mid State is under a Heat Advisory today…until 8pm.  Even so, if you’re in Middle Tennessee or southern Kentucky, I’d keep doing what you’ve been doing for heat safety, because it obviously will be plenty hot!  As a reminder, some of those things include drinking plenty of water, minimizing time outdoors during the peak heat of the day, and keeping an extra close eye on children, the elderly, and pets.


As the summer heat continues to build, the hurricane season typically gets more active.  Hawaii’s actually being hit by a tropical system this morning!  It’s  Tropical Storm Darby.  See below for the latest particulars Darby.  From the track, it appears the storm will pass right over the island of Kauai later tonight, with minimal tropical storm force winds.


Coming up today on Channel 4 News at 5pm, Daphne Deloren will track the thunderstorms that have developed in our area….so be sure to tune in then.

Make it a great Sunday!




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