WEEKEND: Very Hot & Humid with Some Storms

This weekend you’ll want to remain weather aware, but not because of a severe storm threat.  It’s the heat & humidity that’ll be the primary player!

A Heat Advisory remains in effect for most of our area until 8pm tonight.  That means that heat index values between 100 and 110 degrees will be common this afternoon.  The Cumberland Plateau is not included in this advisory because there, it’ll be a little cooler, but just as humid.


As of 10am this morning, temperatures were soaring through the 80s.  With lots of mugginess (dew points in the 70s), it felt like the 90s, with still a couple hours to go until noon!

10am Temperatures:


10am Heat Index:


Clouds are helping keep temperatures down somewhat in many areas this morning.  By that, I mean while it’s hot, it’d be even hotter with full sunshine!


However, as sunshine eventually takes over, temperatures will easily climb into the low-mid 90s this afternoon.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Rain is likely in spots….but just in the form of pop-up showers & thunderstorms, during the hottest hours of the day.  I expect some to form as early as noon.  Most will dissipate by 8pm, since they’ll be initiated and sustained by heating from the sun.  FUTURECAST shows how our weather is likely to unfold…


SO…with many of you spending quite a bit of time outdoors in the heat & humidity, here are several things to keep in mind.

DT 1111

Speaking of pets, we want to be sure you know about the Clear the Shelters pet adoption drive going on today!  It’s a nationwide effort to empty shelters of all the adorable cats and dogs, to give them a new home.  Channel 4 is partnering with Metro Animal Care & Control (MACC) & Crossroads Pets to make this possible.  If you go to MACC before 6pm today (5125 Harding Place, Nashville), and adopt a cat or dog, the adoption fee will be waived!  You could go home with a new family member today….FOR FREE!  For more information, visit:


One more note on animals…  If you’re not in the market for a new pet, but just want to see animals enjoying keeping cool, head to the Nashville Zoo!  It’s Ice Day there.  Channel 4’s Snowbird will be at the zoo, laughing at the animals as they play with blocks of ice in their habitats.  He’ll pose for pictures and sign autographs as well, so be sure to say him to him if you visit.  Snowbird’s hours at the zoo are 1pm – 3pm.


Then, he’s off to the Overton County Fair, in Livingston.  He’ll be there tonight between 5pm and 7pm, so shake his flipper if see him, in between fistfuls of cotton candy!


Tomorrow will be even hotter than today.  We’re anticipating a high of 96, with a slightly lower chance for spotty showers and thunderstorms.  Today’s rain chance is 40%.  Tomorrow, it’s 30%.

Be sure to tune in to Channel 4 News tonight at 5pm for an update on tomorrow and the latest look at all the rain we expect next week!



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