July 19: Heat Wave, Storm Chances, Daily Links


Well, here we go — some of the hottest weather we’ve seen in several years will settle into the Midstate the rest of the week.  Today will be hot enough, with highs reaching the mid 90s:
Dew points will be around 70 today…that combination of heat and humidity will push heat indices above 100.

There’s some potential for some short-lived relief from the heat, with a chance of showers and storms.  The best chances will be from midday through the afternoon, especially to the south of I-40 and west of I-24, as the HRRR model shows here:
Those showers/storms will briefly cool temperatures down where they develop, but they won’t do anything about the humidity.

The hottest of the hot weather settles in tomorrow through the weekend.  Right now, it looks like the hottest days will be Friday and Saturday, but our closest approach to a record high temperature will be Thursday:
We haven’t hit 100 since July 8, 2012 (the same summer in which Nashville set its all-time record high of 109 on June 29).  Some good news — the humidity will be slightly lower during the peak of the heat wave, so the heat index shouldn’t be much different that what we experience today and tomorrow.  Hooray?

Higher storm chances should crack the worst of the heat by early next week…but even then, temperatures will still be 4-5 degrees above-average.



Lots of weather nerdiness today, followed up by lots of space nerdiness.


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Morning meteorologist for WNCN-TV in Raleigh.
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