Hottest Weather in a LONG TIME is in Store!

The potential is there for the hottest weather in several years to take over Middle Tennessee late this week!  While we’ve already had upper 90s this summer, we haven’t hit 100.  We have a realistic chance of doing that this Friday!


This especially intense heat will be in response to very hot weather over the Plains states expanding eastward.


This happens every summer…but to varying degrees (no pun intended :))….depending on how hot the low-mid levels of the atmosphere get.  That’s the key.  The hotter that layer of atmosphere and the drier the air, the hotter it will be outdoors for you, me, and our pets!  Speaking of…in preparation for this unusual weather, here are several things to keep in mind:


Kids need to be monitored especially carefully in heat like this.  Their bodies don’t cool as efficiently as adults do.  ALSO, if you have an elderly family member, neighbor, church acquaintance or whatever, please check on them.  They’d so appreciate you reaching out to them to ensure they’re comfortable and their air conditioning works properly.

In late June of 2012, the air over our area was especially hot and dry, allowing Nashville to have its hottest day ever — 109!  Here are some other highs from our area on that day…

Crossville:  102

Jamestown & Monterey:  103

Bethpage, Cookeville, & Gainesboro:  105

Lawrenceburg, McMinnville, Portland, & Pulaski:  106

Mt. Pleasant:  107

Franklin, Lafayette, Shelbyville, & Sparta:  108

Columbia & Kingston Springs:  109

Woodbury:  110

While we don’t expect surrounding towns to get nearly that hot later this week, we do anticipate temperatures that’ll get you talking while you’re at the water cooler, hopefully hydrating :)!

Coming up on Channel 4 News at 6:00pm, 6:30pm, & 10:00pm, we’ll have much more on this heat…and talk about any expected rain in the foreseeable future.




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