Upcoming Weather: 4 Things to Know!

There are 4 things you should know about our upcoming weather.  They are….

1) Today looks perfect for outdoor summertime fun! 

If rain interfered with your pool or lake plans yesterday, give it a whirl again today!  It couldn’t be much better for that.  There is some fog in the area this morning though.  As I write this at 6:38am, it’s a widespread issue over our southeastern counties.  Take a look at fog tracker on 4WARN Live Doppler…


Clarksville’s live cam shows some fog along the river bank.


Check out Carthage!  It’s tough to see just 50 feet ahead of you!


Any fog will burn off by 9am.  Then, temperatures will TAKE OFF!  Right now (6:40am), we have a mix of 60s and 70s.


This afternoon?  Take a look…


A little more detail for many of our largest cities shows highs in the low-mid 90s will be most common.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

There will be SOME rain out there today, but not much.  Today, the most likely area to get some showers or a thunderstorm will be over far southern and eastern Middle Tennessee — rain chance 20%.  Here’s FUTURECAST, which looks good/believable…


2) Building heat’s the main story moving forward!

Have you ever wondered why one day in July is sunny and pleasant with a high around 83….while another can be sunny with a high all the way up near 100!?!  You think…”The sun’s just as strong on both days, and it’s just as bright….so how can this be?”

Well…the answer has to do with what’s happening aloft (in the layer of air between 1 mile and 4 miles above the ground).  On the 100-degree day, the upper atmosphere is hotter!  SO….the sun has an easier time heating us up!  That’ll be the case this week.  Hot high pressure will be in the neighborhood, right through the next 7-10 days!


Look at our highs for the next 4 days!



3) High humidity won’t be taking a vacation anytime soon!

Sometimes during summer we get a nice break from humidity.  Even though it’s hot, the air dries out some.  This week however, that won’t happen!  Our dew points this morning are in the 60s and lower 70s.  We use dew points to put a number on how stuffy it feels outside.  The higher the dew point, the more muggy it is.  Expect the status quo with our mugginess until further notice!



4)  Rain will be hard to come by!

With this dome of hot high pressure nearby, there will be quite a bit of sinking air.  To understand the reasoning behind this, place your hand on the couch/bed/table or whatever and push downward.  You’ve applied higher pressure with this downward motion.  Rain, however, is produced by RISING AIR.  SO, with a lot of sinking air over Middle Tennessee, rain clouds will have trouble forming.  What this means is if you wash your car now, you have a good shot at enjoying it for a long time to come!!



There are a couple days in the forecast with a slightly better shot at getting some rain.  Daphne Deloren will tell you more about that, today, on Channel 4 News at 5pm.




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