Wet Start to the Weekend!

Free car washes are going on this morning across many of our northern and western counties!  Take a look at 4WARN Live Doppler, as of 7:00am…


Downpours and a little thunder probably woke some of you up before you planned, especially around Clarksville, Waverly, and Murray, KY.  All this rain’s shifting eastward.  The north side of Nashville’s actually beginning to see its first rain drops!

If you’re not in rain, chances are you have clouds.  Much of the area is cloudy to start today.  The bright side? — seems counter intuitive, doesn’t it (for clouds to have a bright side) — the clouds will make for a SLOW warmup this morning!!  Enjoy that, if you’re about to head out for a walk/run!


Here’s the way it looks from our WSMV-TV rooftop, as of 7:00am — gray!


One of the exceptions to that is along/near the Cumberland Plateau.  Check out the view in Cookeville moments ago — bright!…but clouds are beginning to take over, as they roll in from the west.


The showers and clouds are in response to a weak system sliding through in the upper atmosphere.  That’ll be over eastern areas this afternoon, so the best chance for hit or miss pop-up showers and thundershowers then will be there.  Meanwhile, the rest of us should begin to see more sunshine.

DT 4 RPM 4KM WxType Stationary

Let’s now talk temperatures!  We’re all around 70 or so now…


By late afternoon, we’ll be closing in on 90!

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Planning to hit the lake or pool this weekend?  Tomorrow looks as if it’ll be the better day for that…but this afternoon should work alright for most of you.  Here’s some planning info…


For those with weddings, festivals, or outdoor parties, the wind will be in your favor this weekend — there won’t be much!  Today, it’ll be light and variable.  Tomorrow, they should be relatively light (southwesterly at 5-10 mph), too.

Looking ahead into next week, this pretty much sums it up!


Most of the next seven days will be WELL above average!  For those who hope for a little more rain, our best rain chance after today will be Tuesday.


Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 5pm, Daphne Deloren will show you where any showers and storms have popped up that could impact your evening plans, so be sure to tune in then!




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