Peaceful Sky Before Storms Roll In

A picturesque start to a Friday morning! Fog combined with cotton candy skies for a mystical effect as the sun made an appearance across  Middle Tennessee. How beautiful…sunrise

Just after sunrise, patchy dense fog quickly developed, dropping visibility down to a quarter of a mile in some spots…not the best driving conditions. A Dense Fog Advisory was issued for numerous counties but is now expired. A friendly reminder to have the low beams on (high beams will actually reflect back into your eyes and make the situation worse) and allow plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you.

As I write (8:13am) the radar is sparkling. Besides one light misty shower over Jamestown, roads are dry and looking very good. After numerous severe thunderstorms jogged through yesterday, it is a nice chance and perfect timing for morning commuters.


In dew point news, there is no news! Another uncomfortably muggy day is expected but this is very typical for this time of year.



Dew Point Scale Increasing

A summer-time cold front will drop south today, fueling our next chance of showers and storms by late morning into the early evening hours. Today looks to be the greatest chance of showers and storms for the days ahead. Here’s how I mapped out rain chances…


Though severe weather is not anticipated, an isolated storm could reach severe criteria with damaging winds and heavy downpours as main threats. The Storm Prediction Center has the entire state of Tennessee under a ‘Marginal Risk’ (1 out of a 1 to 5 scale) threat.


Now is the perfect time to download our ‘4 WARN WEATHER’ app. It is free and a way to stay weather-aware in your pocket.

DT Smart Phone

Well, it is Friday and many folks want to head out in the town. Shower and storms are expected to decrease in number by around dinner time. I drop the daytime 60% to a 30%  so it is more of a ‘keep the umbrella handy’ kind of evenings — not a cancel any outdoor plans kind. Makes sense? 🙂

DD Skycast Evening

Here’s a little sneak peak to the next four days ahead and what I’ll be going into more detail with at noon.



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2 Responses to Peaceful Sky Before Storms Roll In

  1. Tom Nichol says:

    In your “Muggy Meter” graphic–there should be only ONE “C” in “STICKY”! Also, when you say that “. . .many people want to head out IN the town . . .”, it should be either “Out ON the town” or “Out INTO town”! I know it sounds picayunish, but that’s the sort of thing that detracts ferom the professionalism that you need to convey to both readers and viewers!

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