A Bit More Rain….Then HEAT!!

Today’s featured SOME showers and thunderstorms, but not a tremendous amount.  Actually, right now, as we approach the hottest part of the day, there aren’t very many out there at all.  Here’s the latest look at 4WARN Live Doppler as of 3:15pm…


Clouds were widespread earlier this morning, but since then, we’ve scattered out nicely letting through plenty of sunshine…


That’s driven temperatures up close to the average for July 11th — the upper 80s.


A good many of us enjoyed a slight break in humidity yesterday afternoon and evening (especially along and north of I-40).  It was so slight that some of you probably didn’t even notice it, but it happened nevertheless.  Since then, extreme humidity has rolled back in for the ENTIRE Channel 4 viewing area.  Check out dew points now (below).  When they’re around 70, that’s oppressive!  This won’t change again for the foreseeable future!


To our south, I’m watching a band of thunderstorms that’s developed over northern Mississippi over the last couple of hours.  That’ll move into southwestern Middle Tennessee around dinnertime tonight.


FUTURECAST counts on it weakening quickly once the sun goes down.  I agree…and believe by 9-10pm, most (if not all) of it will be gone.

However, rain will re-fire early tomorrow morning in response to a weak area of lower pressure in the upper atmosphere over the Mid State. SO, be ready for wet roads again by the morning commute…

Notice above how the best shot for rain in the morning will be north of I-40.  Then, during the afternoon, as our area of lower pressure in the upper atmosphere starts to push away, the best rain chance will shift along and east of I-65.

Lows and highs for tomorrow will be very summery (as they should be)!

For Wednesday and Thursday, we’re tracking HEAT as the main story, so it’ll be even HOTTER!  We’ll share more on that today, on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm.


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