4th of July Weekend: Rain Chance Ramps Upward!

Here we are!  It’s official!  The 4th of July holiday weekend is underway!!

What a fantastic start, too!  Outdoors, we have plenty of sunshine and for the time being, temperatures are still pleasant..


A few clouds will roll in later today, but we’ll still soar all the way to 90 degrees in Nashville.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Notice the big bank of clouds off to our west.  Some of those clouds will spread over the Mid State this afternoon.  Still though, we’ll have plenty of sunshine making it through.


If you want to go to a pool or an area lake this afternoon, today will work perfectly!  The rain chance will stay low throughout!  Because of that and the fact that the wind will remain light (northeast at 5 mph), today is actually the best pool/lake day through the entire weekend.  Here’s FUTURECAST for today…

Tomorrow, the wind will pick up some — southwesterly 10-15 mph.  There will also be a slightly better chance for widely scattered showers and thunderstorms to form.  Notice how FUTURECAST picks up on that well.  It’ll also be hotter and more humid — in the low-mid 90s for highs.

Monday, the 4th, won’t be a washout but will offer up the best rain chance through the entire weekend!  A cold front will approach from the west during the early evening.  SO…the best chance for rain and storms will be during the late afternoon, carrying into the overnight.  Some storms could be strong – severe, especially along the TN/KY line.

Here’s the strong storm threat for the weekend & early-mid next week…


The latest FUTURECAST for Monday shows numerous showers and thunderstorms developing.  Since that’s the only thing I like about it (timing and placement seems to be off, in my opinion), I’m not even going to share it with you.  Just know that the best weather on Monday looks to be over southern and southeastern Middle Tennessee (farthest from the front).  Showers and storms will be likely over northwestern Middle Tennessee by late afternoon.  Storms should swing into the Nashville area by mid-late evening.

SO….to put it all together, here’s a look at your weekend!

Independence Day

Coming up later today on Channel 4 News at 5pm, Daphne Deloren will track any showers that form up across our area…and have an update on the timing and placement of showers and storms for tomorrow and the 4th of July.


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