STORMY AFTERNOON: Action Pushing South

Big storms have rumbled across much of the Mid State this afternoon.  Some areas have picked up 3″ of rain!  Others have had gusty wind that gets your attention.

As of 3:05pm, 4WARN Live Doppler shows the heaviest thunderstorms over southern and eastern Middle Tennessee.


There, a few strong storms are likely…


Severe weather isn’t impossible along the TN/AL line through 5pm, but it certainly isn’t expected (since winds throughout the atmosphere aren’t conducive for making weather that nasty).

Behind these torrential downpours (shown in the hottest colors (reds)), light-moderate rain lingers in spots (greens & yellows).

Northern and western Middle Tennessee have been hit hardest today.  Flash Flood Warnings continue for parts of northeastern Middle Tennessee until 4pm, southern Kentucky until 3:45pm, western Middle Tennessee until 4pm, and southwesternmost Middle Tennessee until 5:30pm….

We’ve received reports of someone being rescued from their residence in Red Boiling Springs due to high water & lots of flooding taking place in Clay county, between Celina and the Macon County line.  SO….beware of impassable roads and go another way if you run into one.

This rain will gradually erode early this evening, as it all pushes southeastward through and out of our area.  FUTURECAST shows that trend…

Coming up today on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm, I’ll track the ongoing storms, have an update on the flooding, and talk about the nice cooldown/dry-out we’re expecting for the middle of the week!


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