VERY HOT for One More Day!

June has been SUPER HOT this year.  So far, 16 days have had high temperatures at 90 degrees or better!  On three of those days, we soared to 97!  Today will be par for the course.  Count on a high of 94!

DT Skycast Afternoon

The humidity will be high again today, too.  Dew points are now around 70.  That’s “Florida stickiness”!  Combine that with the heat, and we’ll get heat indices around 100 again, just like yesterday!

DT 4 RPM 12KM HeatIndex

Rain?  We had boat loads last night over southcentral Middle Tennessee!!  Marshall County had quite a bit of flooding, with many roads covered in water late last evening.  Doppler radar rainfall estimates show where the rain was heaviest.  Areas in the green picked up at least 1/2″ of rainfall.  The yellow signifies at least 2″!



A few spots in Marshall, Maury, and Hickman counties had wind damage, too.

As for today, there’s just a 20% chance that rain will form over where you live.  Much of what develops today will pop up in the peak heat of the day and dissipate early this evening.  We’re talking about a time window between 2pm and 9pm.  Here’s FUTURECAST’s view of how things will evolve…

Tomorrow, expect much more cloud cover…and rain, too.  It’s not going to be a rainy day, but there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Some of those will form up during the morning, as shown below…

Severe weather is very unlikely tomorrow, just due to the fact that wind in the mid and upper atmosphere looks unimpressive.  Still though, there could be a strong storm or two with wind gusts to 50mph and dime size hail (just below severe limits).

Coming up today, on Channel 4 News at 5pm, Daphne Deloren will track any thunderstorms in our area and update you on the more comfy weather due in by the middle of this week!




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