Weekend Heat Carries on

Wowza! It was another scorcher of a day. Temperatures climbed into the lower 90s for many but dew points in the lower seventies was the ingredient it took for another round of triple digit heat indices. Well, we cannot escape quite yet because tomorrow looks to be a carbon copy. Daytime highs will sizzle up into the lower 90s but it will feel more like the triple digits, especially for the western and southern portion of middle Tennessee. Areas under the orange color are under a Heat Advisory until 7pm on Sunday evening.WSMV WATCH 10

Yes…I know. I’m like a broken record with these safety tips but better safe than sorry. Right?LS 2013 Heat Wave Pattern

Not only did we deal with exhausting heat today but a few severe thunderstorms made quite a presence in Calloway, Madison, and Lincoln counties. Lit up skies, winds up to 60 mph and even quarter size hail were the main impacts. Beauty always follows the storm and our loyal viewer Donna of Lawrenceburg has the proof with this heavenly snapshot.LS PICTURE vertical 2

Besides a few isolated thunderstorms during the day on Sunday, our next weather maker holds off until Sunday evening. This is all associated with an approaching cold front currently draped across the central plains. The initial batch will arrive Sunday evening , increasing in number throughout the day on Monday.



Since the beginning of the year, Nashville sits at a 6.33 inch deficit so we welcome the rain with open arms!


Most of the shower activity is expected to taper off by Monday evening so any outdoor plans out in the town gets a two thumbs up!


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