Hot and Steamy Weekend Ahead…

A loud and powerful storm system marched through Tennessee late last night, bringing along plenty of damage with it. Many were awakened by the loud thunder while heavy sleepers dreamed right through it, waking up to a picture similar to the one below. Several storm reports of downed trees and power outages came streaming into channel 4.

LS 1

Photo courtesy: David G. of Bell Beade.

As always sunshine follows the storm and that is exactly what Mother Nature graced us with to finish off the workweek. High pressure came to the rescue for dry sunshine today but it was another day of exhausting heat. Heat indices broke triple digit readings…again! Ouch!

WSMV DMA WINDCHILL STILL1A weak frontal boundary continues to spark a few isolated thunderstorms going into tonight but mainly west of I-65 and south of I-40. The activity is expected to taper off by the overnight hours and we will wake up to a glorious start to our Saturday. Most of the day will remain dry but a few isolated thunderstorms will creep their way in during the afternoon and early evening hours.

Both Saturday and Sunday will continue on a toasty note. Highs climb into the low and middle 90-degree range. Don’t put the hair spray away just yet. High humidity values will not only keep the stick factor in the picture, but will pave way for another round of ‘feels like’ temperatures in the triple digit zone. A friendly reminder to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks under the shade or in an air conditioned room, if you are working outdoors or out at the pool.


A better chance of shower and storm activity will knock on the door with an approaching front on Sunday evening into Monday.



Since the beginning of the year, Nashville is close to a six and a half inch deficit in rainfall totals so we will welcome this next round with open arms.


Once the system pushes through, you’ll notice a bit of relief from the scorching heat. Actual highs will run in the lower 90s on Monday and Tuesday before seasonable upper 80s refresh us by Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Triple score!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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