SEVERE STORMS Possible Today

Severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening, as a cold front moves southward from Kentucky into Middle Tennessee.  Because of that potential, we’ve issued a 4WARN Weather Alert.  The threat for tornadoes and large hail is low.  It’s higher, however, for damaging wind gusts…

DT Straight Line Wind

The area with the greatest threat for severe weather is the upper Cumberland Plateau and south central Kentucky, as shown here.  Southern Middle Tennessee has the lowest threat (where warm air in the upper atmosphere should eat away at any inbound storms).


The reason for our severe potential today is the obvious heat and humidity and an approaching cold front.

Outdoors now it’s cloudy over much of the area, but look at our temperatures!  It’s blazing hot!  Humidity is higher today, too!


4WARN Live Doppler shows where rain is now.  Isolated showers and storms are developing here and there over southern Kentucky and eastern Middle Tennessee.


There’s much more farther north though.  That there, with the cold front, will serve as our “main event” for weather this evening (as it pushes southward)…


Ballpark timing for the best chance for a few strong storms in your area is shown here…


FUTURECAST’s handling of this weather is decent…not perfect, but good.  I expect a few more storms than shown below…a few of which will be more intense too (more reds and oranges).

Notice how by 10pm, this weather threat is history!…which means good sleeping tonight!

Coming up today on Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm, we’ll give you an update on where the strongest storms are…and where they’re headed.  We’ll also let you know if the timing has changed for your area.


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