June 17: Lower Humidity, Daily Links


Things are heading in the right direction as we head into Father’s Day weekend — it’s still muggy out there, but the humidity will be gradually dropping today, tonight, tomorrow and even tomorrow night.  The rather slow nature of the decrease in mugginess means that you won’t notice a huge change all at once…but we’ll go from dew points around 70 this morning to the 50s by Sunday morning!  That’s a much better place to be on the muggy meter:

As the drier air works its way in from the north, we could see some scattered storms in southern Middle Tennessee today.  I can’t completely rule out a shower or storm elsewhere in the Midstate, but the best chance should be in the southern tier of counties:
Even that 40% is probably a healthy overestimate, but better safe than sorry.

Dry weather will prevail this weekend, with lots of sunshine and that continuing drop in humidity.  It will still be hot today…
…and tomorrow…
…but the lower humidity makes all the difference in the world.

Father’s Day looks “pleasantly hot” — the humidity will start creeping back in early next week, ahead of our next chance of scattered storms Tuesday and Tuesday night.



Last batch of nerd-links for a while.  I’m on vacation next week, attempting to keep my nine-year-old niece entertained.  If you’ve got suggestions for kid-friendly stuff, let me know on Twitter or Facebook!  (We’ve got plenty of ideas, but you can never have too many…)


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Morning meteorologist for WNCN-TV in Raleigh.
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