Dangerous Heat Returns

Enjoying a nice little break from the heat, but dangerously hot temperatures will be here by the weekend.  Not good timing with two major music festivals coming up.Today through Thursday the temperatures will be down somewhat and so will the humidity.  By Friday the temperatures soar into the mid 90s.  It’s possible they could get close to 100 degrees over the weekend.

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If you are headed to CMAfest or Bonnaroo this weekend or  just plan to be outside working or playing make sure you try to spend some time in the shade if possible, don’t forget the sunshine and stay hydrated.  Keep in mind alcoholic beverages do not count  as a way to stay hydrated, they can have the opposite effect.  Water is and a lot of it, is the best way to beat the heat and restore the fluid you lose when you sweat.

According to the Center for Disease Control muscle cramping will likely be the first sign of heat-related illness that could lead to heat exhaustion or stroke.

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Here is how you can recognize heat exhaustion and heat stroke and what to do:

Heat Exhaustion:

  • Heavy sweating
  • Weakness
  • Cold, pale, and clammy skin
  • Fast, weak pulse
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fainting

What to do:

  • Move to a cooler location.
  • Lie down and loosen your clothing.
  • Apply cool, wet cloths to as much of your body as possible.
  • Sip water.
  • If you have vomited and it continues, seek medical attention immediately.

Heat Stoke:

  • High body temperature (above 103°F)*
  • Hot, red, dry or moist skin
  • Rapid and strong pulse
  • Possible unconsciousness

What to do:

  • Call 911 immediately — this is a medical emergency.
  • Move the person to a cooler environment.
  • Reduce the person’s body temperature with cool cloths or even a bath.
  • Do NOT give fluids.

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This will be the hottest weather we have had this year.  But no doubt, just the beginning of more hot days to come this summer.

Get the latest on the weather forecast for the rest of the week on Channel 4 News at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer

posted 9pm.

(information on heat illnesses and what to do from the CDC)



About Lisa Spencer

Lisa Spencer is the chief meteorologist at WSMV Channel 4 Nashville. You can catch her weathercasts weekdays at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm and 10pm.
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