Big Weather Story: TEMPERATURES

The big weather story over the next several days will be our temperatures!  We’ll have some ups, some downs, and some days in between.

Outdoors today….most of you probably thought it felt HOT!!  I just took a short break for lunch and thought so myself.  Check out temperatures, as of 2:50pm…


85 degrees isn’t “off-the-charts hot”, but still, today probably feels hotter to many of you because of our lack of wind.  That makes a BIG difference!  Yesterday during the late afternoon, the wind kicked up for a couple hours with gusts into the 20s.  The temperature was also in the middle 80s, but the breeze made it feel much more refreshing outdoors!

Our first temperature shift will arrive tomorrow.  It’ll be brought on by a cold front that will pass through early in the day.  Expect a narrow band of clouds with that front, and possibly even a sprinkle along the TN/KY line around dawn.  See FUTURECAST below for a look at that…

Behind this front, slightly cooler & even drier air will filter in.  SO….tomorrow afternoon, we’ll mostly peak in the lowermost 80s.  Some areas will even hold in the 70s.  We’re forecasting 83 in Nashville for Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday looks even more pleasant, with a high near 80 in Nashville…with most other spots in just the 70s!  Lows for the middle of the week will be well below average, only in the 50s!  Finally — a break for the air conditioner…AND the electric bill!


Hopefully you don’t get used to this pleasant stretch of weather (albeit short) because temperatures will head in the other direction by late week!

On Thursday, the big high pressure core shown above will pass east of us, allowing more of a southerly component to the wind to develop.  That’ll enable temperatures to soar back into the upper 80s.  The heat will continue to build into the weekend…giving us our hottest stretch of weather since last summer!  SO…both CMA Fest and Bonnaroo look toasty!

Coming up today on Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm, we’ll have specific forecasts for both of those events.  We’ll also have the lastest on Tropical Storm Colin, now developing in the Gulf of Mexico!





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