Expect Just So-So Weekend Weather!

With the weekend closing in quickly, we want to make sure you’re prepared with the latest forecast.  Unfortunately, this go around, it doesn’t look like the best Saturday/Sunday combo for outdoor plans.

Let’s start with today.  In the afternoon heat & humidity, isolated showers & thunderstorms have been firing here and there, with the greatest concentration over southeastern Middle Tennessee.  This is a look at 4WARN Live Doppler Radar, as of 2:50pm.  All the rain you see is moving toward the northeast.


Through the remainder of the afternoon and into this evening, expect showers and thunderstorms to expand northward.  Once the sun sets at 8pm, loss of daytime heating from the sun will cause the areas of rain to gradually shrink in coverage and eventually dissipate.  Take a look at FUTURECAST…which looks reasonable.  I wouldn’t bank on the rain being exactly where FUTURECAST paints it at a given time.  The takeaway from the maps below is just that rain should gradually diminish in time.

Tomorrow, our weather will head downhill in a big way.  A large area of low pressure to our west will make its way into Middle Tennessee.


Look at all the rain associated with this system now…


In the Mid State tomorrow, we can expect similar weather to what they have now over Mississippi, westward into Texas.  This means that clouds will dominate most of Saturday (some sunshine’s likely, but not much) with several waves of showers and thunderstorms.  Our rain chance will increase significantly by 11am, continuing into the late afternoon, compared with the early morning hours (which should feature less rain).  Check out FUTURECAST for tomorrow…

It’s important to note that a few storms could be strong-severe primarily tomorrow afternoon, with damaging wind and 1″ diameter hail.  Energy in the atmosphere (both wind and thermodynamically (heat & humidity)) will be greater tomorrow than today, making this possible.

With all the clouds and rain, we’ll have highs in the lower 80s in most places.  Rain will continue at times tomorrow night, and then increase in coverage again toward dawn as a cold front moves in.  That front will spark another round of showers/storms that will sweep through much of the area by early afternoon on Sunday….allowing sunshine to return with lower humidity in its wake.

SO….weather Sunday afternoon looks very good and will improve in time, as temperatures will peak in the lower 80s once again.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Coming up today on Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm, we’ll update the timing of the rain (with a new data set for FUTURECAST)…and have specific forecasts for some of the outdoor events taking place in our area this weekend!


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  1. Joyce says:

    what happened to Nancy Van Camp?

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