Memorable Memorial Day Weather!

The weather this Memorial Day couldn’t have worked out much better for local observances, like this one in Ashland City!  Pictured are Retired Marine Sergeant Kevin Downs and Marine Sergeant Darla Richardson.


The sun and warm weather made it perfect for people to enjoy the outdoors, as well…



Officially, we reached 90 degrees at Nashville International Airport.  Most of the surrounding towns and cities peaked in the mid-upper 80s…


The beautiful conditions today were brought about by a big core of high pressure.  While there were a few showers over East Tennessee late this afternoon (which have since dissipated), the rest of the state along with southern Kentucky remained dry.


If you’re one of the thousands who will head back to work tomorrow morning, the weather will continue to be “on your side”.  We don’t expect any storms, rain, dense fog, wind issues, etc.  As the day gets underway, low-mid 60s will be common for temperatures.  Come afternoon, we’ll soar into the 80s all over again!

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Do expect a few more clouds tomorrow though…with just the slightest shower chance along the Tennessee River Valley.  Take a look at FUTURECAST below for a preview…

On Wednesday, the rain chance (albeit slight) will spread through the entire Mid State.  It’ll remain very low though — at 20%.  Since rain coverage will be quite limited and a mix of clouds & sunshine is still expected, highs will range from the mid 80s to the lowermost 90s once again.

By late week, rain will become much more prevalent in our area.  Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm, I’ll detail that and talk about how much of this weekend’s at risk for being wet.


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