4 Things to Know About the Memorial Day Weekend Weather!

Some of you are packing now to depart early tomorrow on a Memorial Day weekend road trip.  Many others will stay put right here in Middle Tennessee, enjoying area lakes, pools, cookouts, etc. with friends and family.  Whatever your plans, there are 4 things to know about the weather this weekend.  They are….

1) Clouds will Prevail Tomorrow

After many days this week with more sunshine than clouds, the reverse will pan out tomorrow.  Take a look at our area, westward into the Southern Plains tonight…


There’s a steady stream of moisture that will continue through tomorrow into the Mid State.  SO….if you hoped to kick back, relax, and catch some rays by the pool, know you’ll be staring up at white more than you will blue!

2) Tomorrow Holds the Best Chance for Weekend Rain

With all this moisture funneling our way, there’s plenty of lift to make for showers and thunderstorms, too.  Rain will be possible during any time of day tomorrow, but that chance will increase during the afternoon, carrying into the evening.  The latest FUTURECAST shows this well…

3) Summertime Heat & Humidity

While tomorrow will be the cloudiest and have the most rain, it won’t be the hottest of our three weekend days.  Still though, it’ll be warmer than average:

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Both Sunday & Monday should feature more sunshine (and less rain — rain chance those days just 20%) and more heat, with highs around 90.  Humidity will remain unchanged through the weekend and beyond.

4) One Beach Looks Great….the Other Not So Much

Heading to the Florida/Alabama Gulf Coast.  Lucky you!!  The weather there looks fantastic!  Each day, expect highs around 90, with very little rain and a partly cloudy sky.  Here’s Monday’s outlook for Gulf Shores, Pensacola, Ft. Walton, Destin, and Panama City Beach…


The OTHER beach (North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia) doesn’t look so great.  Developing Tropical Depression #2 will roll toward the South Carolina coast, bringing a big shield of clouds and scattered showers & thunderstorms for Saturday afternoon, Sunday, & Monday!  While it’ll be gusty, wind won’t be a significant problem with this system.  If you are heading to that part of the country and venture into the ocean, please BEWARE OF RIPTIDES!



Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm, I’ll let you know if this Depression has been named Tropical Storm Bonnie (will find that out in the next 30 minutes).  We’ll also have a look at the latest FUTURECAST, which is still coming into our computers now, for both Sunday and Monday.


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