Jumpstart into Summer!

Some years we wait until June to have true summery weather.  This year, it’s begun in May!

Temperatures are taking off again this afternoon, with a nice clearing slot in the clouds over the southeastern 2/3 of Middle Tennessee…


Notice how some areas are already nearing 90!


Have you noticed?  The humidity’s higher today, too.  Dew points are running in the 60s areawide, so it feels even hotter than the actual air temperature.  When the dew point’s in the 60s, it starts to feel more “jungly”!

DT Dew Point Scale Increasing

Meanwhile scattered showers and storms have popped up, mainly over southern Kentucky and northwestern Middle Tennessee….but a couple have even worked into the Nashville area.  Here’s a current view of 4WARN Live Doppler (as of 2:55pm)….


Southwest Kentucky has picked up too much rain today, already.  There, in Trigg and Christian counties, we have an “Urban & Small Stream Flood Advisory”, which I like to just refer to as a Street Flood Advisory.  It’s in effect until 5:45pm.

The bottom line is there, ponding on roads is expected, so be extra careful driving!!  If you come across a road covered in water, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to tell how deep it is from your car due to the reflective properties of water and ambient light.  SO….”Turn Around.  Don’t Drown!”


Another round of storms is rolling at us from eastern Arkansas, too…


I expect some of this wet weather to be around this evening, so be sure tune in beginning on Channel 4 News at 4pm for our latest thoughts on that rain’s timing, positioning, how we expect rain to evolve this Memorial Day weekend.  We’ll also have a look at holiday weekend, travel!



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